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I recently bought a Pebble smartwatch. I'm not a watch person. I tried to wear a watch a few years ago, destroyed it with my sweat, and gave up. I can't really explain why the Pebble caught my eye. I don't even remember reading about it for the first time. I have a hunch that my infatuation with the little device stemmed from my childhood crush on these things.

I've hardly taken my watch off since I got it. I have the Fresh Green Pebble and adore it. Since the mailman handed me my... (continue reading)

if (major != 'CS') {major = 'IT'}


This one's more of a thought dump than a post. Honestly, I don't know what I'm talking about. Let's just get that out of the way real quick. I'm a newly-married college kid who's holding down his first real job while trying to manage a computer science degree. I'm kinda wondering at this point if I want that degree.

There are a number of thoughts I've been having lately. I'm having these thoughts because of two computer theory classes I'm taking. I just can't seem to understand finite state machines, context-free grammars, and/or Turing machines. Honestly, I... (continue reading)